Smart Solution

There are several available solutions that make Erco windows and French windows collections even more efficient. A number of clever solutions dedicated to safety, the protection of children and the elderly are at your disposal.



Erco windows and doors are supplied with all anti break-in closure points, already able to offer good protection.

For your safety, Erco windows and French doors have all anti break-in closure points, standard equipment already able to offer good protection against unhinging of the window in the closed position.


Specific safety requirements can be met with the ENV1627 fitting, certified in Class 2 at the prestigious Istituto Giordano. Invisible warning devices can be integrated in the hardware for connections to the alarm system or simply to report the opening of the door in case of automatic heating or cooling. It is completed with a design handle with lock and puncture-proof steel plate, to ensure better protection and greater safety also in the presence of children.


DK SECURITY MAGNET is a Mandelli1953 patented intruder detection system with many features:

  • It does not allow opening (or forcing) the window from the outside.
  • You can simply operate it with just one hand.
  • It does not ruin the aesthetics of the handle with buttons or levers at sight.
  • The mechanism is all brass and steel that guarantee reliability and durability over time, unlike plastic movements that tend to wear quickly.
  • The grain is not on the front of the handle, thus leaving intact the aesthetic of the handle.

Protezione Bambini

Child Protection

The drop-leaf system acts as protection in facilities, schools or hospitals or buildings where the handle only allows the drop-leaf opening so as to prevent accidental falls. The keyed handle lock to prevent opening is also available.

Age Friendly

Age Friendly

A range of products designed to facilitate opening windows. Handles positioned on either the crosspiece of the bottom door or on the bottom of the upright that can be reached under any circumstances. These types of windows with easy opening are indicated for both architectural barriers and windows at the top or in front of furnishings or worktops. The handle at the bottom is a good help even for those with motor difficulties. Special forced-control scissors facilitate the easy closing of the drop-leaf without having to push it. Recessed motor for windows that open on their own and for those who want home automation where technology takes care of the ventilation of the environment.