Airlux Cover

Air-lux Sliding System

Air-lux is the sliding-window facade system that convincingly combines creativity, technology and Swiss precision craftsmanship. Air-lux is the floor-to-ceiling glass facade system with large sliding windows and a patented seal concept that sets the standard – aesthetically, technologically and functionally. Developed by Swiss specialist Krapf AG, air-lux exemplifies uncompromising quality. 100% Swiss-made with 10-years warranty, for which system ERCO is the exclusive distributor in Italy.

Airlux 1

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Air Lux Bonsai G

Air permeability: classification to EN 12207: 1999-11 Class 4
Driving rain impermeability: classification according to EN 12208: 1999-11 Class E1500
Noise insulation: up to 43 dB depending on element size and choice of glass
Wind load: classification according to EN 12210: 1999–11 / AC: 2002-80
Class C4/B4 1600 Pa, max. 2400 Pa
Thermal insulation: classification according to EN 10077-1 0.8 W / m² K, Ug 0.6 W / m² K
Thermal insulation:classification according to EN 10077-1 0.75 W / m² K, Ug 0.5 W / m² K
Burglary protection: break-in resistance class RC 3 Window height up to 3 m
Bullet-proof : special designs up to resistance class BR4-NS

Inactive seal
The button is pressed a second time to open the unit. The air leaves the unit and the seal retracts to its original concave profile.

Active seal
By pressing the button, air is introduced into the frame and the seal is pumped up. The seal presses against the sliding profile and closes the gap between the slider and the fixed frame to create a perfect seal.