Shade Cover Windows

SHADE - Windows

Clean shapes, rigour in lines and materials: the design revolutionises the window, where every function and performance is enclosed. A traditional element today thought as an interior design object and a modern architectural landmark.

Shade Windows 1

Window with 9 cm coating door fixture

Shade Windows 2

Flush-faced inner side

Shade Windows 3

Flush-faced window


Window detail


French door

Shade Finestra 3

Internal view of window

Esploso Shade Finestra

    Internal PVC load-bearing frame. Frame 7 chambers, sash 6, depth 82 mm, optimised for high-energy efficiency. Class A thickness profile UNI EN 12608 standard. Three door striker seals to guarantee maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. 1.5 mm minimum thickness steel reinforcements in the frame and door sides, to ensure greater stability. Hinges with a capacity up to 150 kg. Standard burglar-proof hardware. Alarm sensors with possibility of alarmed door in open drop-leaf position.


    Frame and door with anodised aluminium coating in four finishes: anodised, brown, titanium and white.

  3. HINGE

    Concealed hinge for rotation of external counter-door.


    36 mm-thick glass housing. The Shade system includes:

    • Low emission glass with thermal insulation up to Ug 0.4 W/m2K
    • Single or double glazing with warm edge spacers for greater thermal insulation
    • Glazing filled with Argon gas for greater thermal insulation and reduced risk of condensation
    • Soundproof glass for sound insulation
    • Anti-break-in glass
    • Selective glass with sunscreen, heat-insulating power and proper light transmission.

    Darkening system inside the window. Electrically controlled movement by CONNECTION to the CONTROLLER with REMOTE CONTROL or CONTROL UNIT with KEYPAD (not included), the Shade system provides two solutions: lifting and adjustable Venetian with 65% dimming capability, or pleated that can be lifted to ensure darkening equal to 94%.


    Inspection external counter-door in tempered glass conforming to the accident prevention standard, perimeter screen-print and additional aluminium frame. Reflecting or transparent glass for solar protection and proper light transmission, thickness from 4 to 6 mm.


    Optional photovoltaic cell to power interior dimming systems using sunlight.

Misure Shade Windows

SHADE windows and French doors are custom-made. Crossbeams and uprights cannot be inserted in the French doors nor can transoms be made.