Shade Cover Sliding

SHADE - Sliding

Raise and sliding doors for large openings designed for in line and corner compositions: innovative solutions to create a dialogue between interior and exterior with amazing architectural play. The same design and character distinguish the fixed glazing.

Shade Sliding 1

Internal view of 2-door raise and sliding window

Shade Sliding 3

Detail of lowered threshold in thermal cutting aluminium

Shade Sliding 2

External view of 4-door raise and sliding window

Shade Sliding

Internal view of 2-door raise and sliding window

Shade Sliding

    PVC load-bearing frame for raise and slide opening systems. Frame and sash depth 70 mm, optimised for high-energy efficiency. Class A UNI EN 12608 standard profile.

    Seals to ensure maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. 3 mm thick steel reinforcements in the frame and door to ensure greater stability and safety.

    Easy movement die-cast brass handle with different finishes. A force damper can be integrated for easier handling.

    Aluminium frame and door coating available in four finishes: anodised, brown, titanium and white.


    60 mm-thick glass housing.

    The Shade system includes:

    • Low emission glass with thermal insulation up to Ug 0.4 W/m2K
    • Double glazing with warm edge spacers for greater thermal insulation
    • Glazing filled with Argon gas for greater thermal insulation and reduced risk of condensation
    • Soundproof glass for sound insulation
    • Anti-break-in glass
    • Selective glass with sunscreen, heat-insulating power and proper light transmission
    • External tempered plate and controlled through HST test

    Minimum space aluminium thermal cutting threshold.

Misure Shade Sliding

SHADE sliding windows are custom-made. Versatility in the making with a fixed and a moving door or both moving doors. The sliding window with four doors can have the two central doors that open and fixed lateral doors or all four that open not all overlapping on one side.