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The new collection of windows designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Erco. Whit its minimal and elegant design, DRY anticipates the trends of architecture, to achieve an ideal slenderness and a large luminous surface.

Erco Dry Image Seq 01 L

Fixed flush to the wall windows, canaletto walnut essence finish, clear reflecting glass.

Erco Dry Image Seq 04

A detail of coplanar light window.

Erco Dry Image Seq 03 L

Window and single-door French window.

Erco Dry Image Seq 02

Fixed and single door coplanar light window, grey oak finish, clear glass.

Erco Dry Image Seq 04 L

French door with two coplanar light doors.

Erco Dry Image Seq 05

French window with two doors and single door windows with stop. Brass handle with satin chrome finish.

Erco Dry Image Tech Esploso N

    Aesthetic solution for outdoors, the intrados is the most characteristic choice of the project, available in mono-extruded aluminium in sizes 5/9 cm. In all the solutions the window is full glass.


    Sash and frame coating in aluminum in four finishes: anodized, brown, white and titanium.

  3. FRAME

    Internal loadbearing frame in PVC. High energy efficiency. Three-level seal to ensure maximum thermal and acoustic insulation. Steel reinforcements with minimum thickness of 1.5 mm in the sides of the frame and the wing to ensure greater stability. Hinges with capacity up to 150 kg. Anti-theft hardware as standard. Alarm sensors with the option of alarm-fitted doors also when opened as flapdoors.


    Internally the aluminium of the frame and of the door may be faced with real black walnut, heat-treated oak, grey oak or white oak, in addition to the standard lacquering.

Erco Dry Image Tech Modelli

The Collection, declined in windows, French doors, with one or more doors, is built with excellent materials. A variety of refined finishes for the inside together with the mono-extruded aluminum profiles on the outside have been selected to make DRY an authentic piece of furniture.