Bellagio Cover


Bellagio Slideshow 2020 02

Finestre ad un battente

Elegance 1

External view of fixed glass window

Elegance 2

Window maintaining internal shutters

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Porta finesta a due ante / Finestra monoanta

Bellagio 76



1/2/3 door Window Horizontal Pivoting window

1/2/3 door French window (all glass or with frames)

Sliding Shifting

Technical Specifications

Class A profile / DIN Standard en 12608 5 chambers with 70 mm thick depth

2 door striker seals

Steel reinforcements on the 4 sides of door and frame with innovative shape and thickness

Up to 39 mm thick glasses; double-glazing with a mixture of noble gases and standard warm edge spacer.


Erco Vetro Trasparente


Erco Vetro Riflettente Chiaro

reflecting light

Erco Vetro Riflettente Grigio

reflecting grey


Warm edge spacer

Excellent thermal insulation

due to its low conductivity (Psi 0.041)

Argon Gas (97%)

Greater thermal insulation and reduced risk of condensation

Low emission glasses

Standard glass Ug=1-1

Triple glass Ug=0.6

Bevelled glass edges

No risk of micro-cracks and breakage of glass


Filo Dk

ERCO offers Mandelli1953 handles: die cast brass handles made in Italy. Quality products with durability and high aesthetic pleasure; available in gold and chrome and polished/satin versions.

Colori Finiture

Colours and Finishes

In addition to the traditional white, ivory, wood painted grey, ERCO offers a complete range of RAL colours for creating special effects; this proposal opens up interesting prospects in those areas where design and customisation require innovative and original solutions.

Erco Manutenzione


To keep fixtures always beautiful and efficient, in addition to normal cleaning of windows and profiles with neutral and non-aggressive detergents, Erco provides a specific maintenance Kit through its Partners containing 4 essential products: intensive cleaner to remove dirt; protective product to keep the seals elastic; lubricant for hardware to ensure sliding; antistatic and soft cloth that is specific for window surfaces.