Erco Gallery Ecoclimacustom 3510 X1500

Ecoclima Custom

Ecoclima Custom is a new design solution that best expresses the philosophy of Erco, for years a leader in the field and the ideal partner for increasingly demanding designers. Ecoclima Custom offers unlimited aesthetic solutions fully adaptable to any interior design project, allowing designers to operate without limits.

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Inside flush with the wall with wood covering

Erco Images Ecoclimacustom 636 X900 1

Inside of the frame with glass stop and covering

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Technical Details

Standard anti break-in hardware with safety devices at all closure points. Recessed hinges. 3 door striker seals.


36 mm thick glasses. Double-glazing with a mixture of noble gases and standard warm edge spacer. Thermal insulation with average 0.9 Uw triple glass and possibility of sound insulation up to 47 dB.


Class A profile available also in the Plus version with external aluminium coating in many different RAL colours and effects.

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Ecoclima Custom / Internal details

Erco Ecoclimacustom Infointernifinitura Cut


The aluminium interior is available in brown, titanium, white and anodised. Customisable on request of the customer.

Erco Ecoclimacustom Infointernifoderalegno Cut

Wood covering and lacquering

Infinite essences are available for wooden coverings, with possibility of lacquering, open-pore colouring or in other colours to choose from for special projects.

Erco Ecoclimacustom Infointernifoderavetro

Glass covering

Choice of covering in extra clear or frosted glass in the colours shown or in other colours of your choice for special projects.