New finishes for windows dedicated to Interiors

More and more interest in the new ERCO finishes that are well matched to the new trends in living: various shades of gray, from light, oxidized effect, to darker anthracite or black, white in the Ral 9010 or 9016 versions always up-to-date. matt or satin effects. These are the most requested finishes today to be combined with parquet in warm tones or stoneware in gray finishes, doors with neutral finishes, combined with wooden paneling or new and very current upholstery. These are the new moods, where windows are no longer just a necessity but also an element that integrates well into the furniture, enhancing it, and expresses the need for a highly performing product combining it with the expressive value of the finishes.

Our extremely customizable proposal, thanks to the possibility of differentiating the external finish from the internal one: DRY,, lends itself to being lacquered or oxidized on the outside while internally there is the possibility to choose between four real finishes. wood: canaletto walnut, gray oak, heat-treated oak and bleached oak. Another collection to be discovered is SHADE: the interior finishes can be differentiated according to the environment in which it is inserted: kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms. You can choose between retro-lacquered, glossy or sandblasted glass, lacquered or open-pore wood finishes, porcelain stoneware, Corian.

The Bellagio collection has a very rich color palette and finish much appreciated both in the Basic and Classic version: the most requested finishes today are the range of grays, white and two-colors. Bellagio is completed by the exclusive external aluminum casing available in three standard finishes: white, titanium and brown as well as all RAL and NCS colors.

Also appreciated are the possibilities of choosing Mandelli1953 handles, which ERCO offers in all its collections: 18 finishes in the catalog that can be chosen for the accessory that completes and enhances the window or door.

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