Giuseppe Bavuso designer by ERCO for 10 years


On the occasion of the 10-year collaboration with Erco, the architect and designer Giuseppe Bavuso retraces his design process with the Como-based company, the first and only reality in the world of doors and windows to make use of an art director for the design of windows and doors since 2011. design. He was entrusted with the task of transforming the window into an innovative project in terms of aesthetics and functionality, elevating it to a functional and aesthetically customizable design element.

Giuseppe Bavuso talked to us about the innovative window systems made with Erco, the Shade and Dry collections, and about what will be the evolution of the window frame for the future, but also about sustainability and energy saving and his personal way of interpreting the architecture and design, considered two souls of the same discipline.

You have been collaborating with Erco for 10 years as Art Director: no door or window company, even bigger and more important, has a collaboration of this level, what does it mean for you to have created a "design window"? Could you tell us about the path and the experience gained over the years in the field of doors and windows?
How did the inspiration for the design of Shade come about?

“In recent years, we have worked as if the window were split into two separate elements: the internal part and the external part. Having taken note of all the technical and performance characteristics that the object had to have, we concentrated on creating a dress more suited to the current design, working on the frame so that it could be aesthetically beautiful as well as highly performing. Our goal, starting from assumptions that are very technical, linked to the performance and functions that the window must have, is to be able to interpret it with my way of seeing design and architecture. In fact, design and architecture are two souls of the same discipline "

And then came the Dry collection: what was the “vision” and what did winning the Red Dot Award mean?

"Then Dry was also born, with which the company won the Red Dot Award in 2019. This was a beautiful achievement because it gratified our team work: we worked to create a beautiful window, certainly not to win the prize. But this means that we have not only achieved the commercial production objectives that the company set itself, but also to have created a beautiful product recognized also in a general sense for all its aesthetic and performance characteristics, by the world of design and by those who judge. and values what we do ".

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